Matching Media

On weekly basis our company got approached by TV channels ,Media, Magazines if they could picture our models working on Marketing Campaigns because they looked stunningly. Pretty people in attractive outfits on High end event are always interesting for the media to advertise them not only products but the combination of these ingredients made sure that brands get in the picture by creating a dream.

Our CEO understood that quickly and created a TV format around models working for luxery brands at events where most people dream to be going to but simply dont have the possibility.

She went to her friends in Endemol which developed “Big Brother” and they created Matching Models a reality docu soap following our models at work at events internationally.

This business platform gave us the opportunity to link our clients, our models and get worldwide exposure in a TV show which will be on the market to be sold to other countries. After showing the format to various production houses MM signed a contract with Victory television to produce a trailer.